You might find yourself reaching for a cup of coffee or can of soda to help get you through the day, but have you ever considered the benefits of lemon water? An incredibly simple beverage, lemon water is exactly what it sounds like: lemon juice + water = lemon water!

And it’s proving to be more and more popular thanks to the amazing benefits it can have on your immune system, mood, metabolism and general health. You may be wondering exactly what these benefits are, so let’s take a more detailed look at how lemon water can increase your productivity and help you make the most of your day.

Lemon Water Benefits: Lemon

Keeps You Hydrated

The hit of caffeine contained in coffee and sodas may give you a sudden boost of energy, but that same caffeine is actually a powerful diuretic. The result of this is that your body is stimulated to expel more water from the body and this can lead to you becoming dehydrated. Now, dehydration is one of the natural enemies of productivity as it can upset the balance of the body’s natural calibration; this is why too much caffeine can leave you feeling tired and sluggish.

One of the benefits of lemon water, however, is that the lemon juice barely affects your hydration levels and, in small quantities, the effects are even more negligible. Therefore, by reaching for a glass of lemon water throughout the day, you can remain hydrated and not have to take on excess fluid to counteract any water expelled from the body.  And this ensures that you remain able to stay on top of productivity and achieve everything you need to in record time.

Aids the Digestion Process

In order to digest food effectively, the digestive juices produced by the stomach are acidic as this helps to break down the food and makes it easier to transport through the digestive system. One of the benefits of lemon water is that it contains citric acid, an increase of this in your body will lead to your liver ramping up production of bile.

Bile is an essential component of the digestion process as it breaks down fat and improves absorption of fatty acids, so there’s less stress in transporting fat through your body. The overall effect is that you will feel less bloated and more comfortable; this will increase your focus on the tasks ahead of you and allow you to work to your full potential.

Boosts Your Vitamin C Intake

All citrus fruits contain naturally high levels of vitamin C and this is a highly important chemical compound for the body. Vitamin C has a wide range of benefits for your health and these include repairing body tissues, strengthening the immune system, forming collagen and maintaining bones, teeth and cartilage.

And this is why lemon water can make such a difference to your day. As a human, you’re unable to naturally produce vitamin C (unlike vitamin D), so it’s crucial that you take in enough vitamin C to help maintain your body’s health. Lemon water, of course, provides a constant source of vitamin C throughout the day and means that your body has plentiful amounts to call on when needed.

The long term impact of this availability is that it reduces your chances of falling ill and, in particular, vitamin C has demonstrated an ability to ward off colds and reduce their severity. And, to have a successful day where you can achieve everything you want, it’s essential that your body is as healthy as it can possibly be, so reach for that lemon water to get a quick health boost.

Improves Energy Levels and Mood

Reaching for a cup of coffee first thing in the morning may feel like the most important step in getting your day started, but it can actually be counterproductive in the long run. Sure, the energy boost provided by caffeine can certainly kick-start your day, but it can also lead to high blood pressure, dehydration and hyperactivity.

The benefits of lemon water can be called into action, however, as a worthy substitute for coffee in terms of getting your day off to a fantastic start. Energy is generated by the digestion of molecules, so when the negative charged ions – that are contained with lemon juice- are digested, there is a natural production of energy. And the best thing is that you can happily drink lemon water throughout the day and get this natural energy boost without any of the dangerous side effects associated with caffeine.

Rich in Antioxidants

One of the biggest threats to your body is the damage that free radicals can cause to the cells of your body. Free radicals can be taken into the body by fatty foods, tobacco and pollution, so they’re very difficult to minimize in this day and age. However, antioxidants are a group of molecules which are able to reduce the oxidation reaction responsible for creating free radicals.

Accompanying the many benefits of lemon water is the fact that lemons contain high numbers of flavonoids which have strong antioxidant properties. In particular, flavonoids can improve metabolic health, the circulation of blood and sensitivity to insulin. Again, these are benefits which ensure you can get the most out of your day and keep working to your full potential, all you have to do is reach for a glass of lemon water.

Potassium Helps You Perform

Thanks to the healthy dose of potassium contained within lemons, taking in lemon water can really optimize your ability to perform. Potassium, of course, has well proven effects on the health of your heart, brain and nerve functions, so the benefits of lemon water have never been more obvious.

Contributing this potassium towards your daily intake helps to guarantee that your body remains highly optimized and capable of achieving results. The heart is essentially the main motor of the body, so by keeping this healthy you can ensure you can start working and stay working, whilst the benefits provided towards your brain and nerve functions improve your ability to perform and solve the tasking problems that each day throws your way.