It’s not even 6am and you’re at your happiest: listening to the birds chirping and singing cheerful melodies by your window, enjoying the natural dim light while preparing breakfast or getting all dolled up for the day. If this sounds a lot like you, then the verdict is in: you are a morning person!

If you’re still not convinced, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 habits that a morning person does on the regular, both for you and for the night owls out there aiming to switch up their routines.

#1 You’re All About Elaborate Early Breakfasts

Morning Person: Breakfast

If a banana on the go doesn’t qualify as breakfast in your book and you’re one to enjoy long, elaborate morning meals, complete with the morning paper, carefully selected ingredients and Pinterest-ready food styling, then you definitely deserve the morning person label. And in true early bird fashion, you take the time to prepare your meals and often even spend your morning hours baking golden biscuit buns – or, alternatively, take the time to grab those mouth-watering bagels and those French croissants from the hip bakery five blocks away.

#2 You Are Chatty & Cheery in the Early Hours

Morning Person: Cheery

Despite seemingly being surrounded by grumpy coworkers and drowsy friends, you are endowed with extra dosages of cheerfulness early in the morning. Not only that, but you seem to be quite talkative before noon (and decreasingly less chatty and cheerful with each hour that passes by after that).

#3 You Take a Nap Before a Night Out

Morning Person: Nap

Your friends make plans to go to a party that starts at 12 am – and while that sounds like mission impossible at first, you have quite an effective solution: a cozy nap in the late afternoon. If you seem to often put your comfiest pajamas on and indulge in a snoozing break under the blankets in anticipation of a big night out (that usually consists of hours of showing off your moves on the dance floor), then you are the very definition of a morning person… with a late night plan.

#4 You’re All About an Early Morning workout

Morning Person: Morning Workout

Morning people have tons of energy in the early hours of the day – plus the need to channel said energy into something productive and, more often than not, into a sweat-inducing activity. Whether you’re rocking the latest Pilates moves, stretching with Yoga or running on the empty streets (because who gets up and running, literally, before dawn?), you feel motivated, inspired and apt to move your body before others even wake up.

#5 You Only Set One Alarm Without Any Backups

Morning Person: Alarm

While it might take your partner or your friend a good 40 minutes to simply get out of bed and put on their slippers after the first alarm goes off, you seem to accomplish the exact same thing in less than a minute. And, if you don’t even need an alarm at all, since you tend to get up before your phone tells you to do so, you are the very definition of a morning person.

#6 You Leave the House Looking Perfect

Morning Person: Looking Perfect

Glamorous locks? Check! Immaculate makeup, applied on a well-rested face? Check! A put-together outfit, worthy of glossy magazines or chic fashion blogs? Indeed! If you’re two or all of the above, chances are, you have had plenty of time to get ready in the morning. A flawlessly shaved face, polished loafers and a shirt ironed to perfection can only mean one thing: you are the quintessential morning person. And if you’re friends show up at breakfast sporting bedhair dos rather than perfectly polished curls, comfy joggers and large lattes in their hands, our bet is that they are authentic night owls.

#7 As a Morning Person, You Accomplish 80% of Your Daily Tasks Before Lunch

Morning Person: Daily Tasks

Meal planning for the entire week, taking your cat to the vet, mailing cards to your friends abroad and grocery shopping for a family of seven – you do it all and you do it early. Like, really early. Before noon, you barely have any tasks left uncrossed on your To Do list. And we all know what that means: if you are highly productive while others are barely waking up (and if you crash while they’re peaking later in the day), that makes you a bona fide morning person.

#8 You Fall Asleep in Front of the TV

Morning Person: Fall Asleep

Movie night is a treat and you love the quality time spent with family or friends – until your head collapses on the nearest pillow and you snore away, that is. While your night owl friends seem to be fully energized at around 9 pm, you seem to be anything but. And if you are one of those people who tend to fall asleep on the subway back home from work rather than the one to work, then you can bet on it: you are 100% a morning person.

#9 Coffee is Not Your Go-To Drink

Morning Person: Coffee Not Go-To

You wake up with a smile on your face and tons of vitality, sprinkled with a joyful disposition. And how exactly do you achieve this enviable state? Simply by having a good night’s sleep, no tricks required. While you don’t mind sipping from a cup of coffee while chatting with a good friend, you certainly don’t need a double espresso in the early morning in order to keep your eyes open and your mind alert.

#10 Brunch is the Third Meal of Your Day

Morning Person: Brunch

Brunch with friends on Sunday mornings is certainly something you look forward to – but not enough in order to stay hungry until 11:30 am (and not even the tastiest blueberry muffins, the waffles and the hash browns can change that!). While your night owl pals consider brunch their early breakfast, you’ve already had a full meal and a vitamin boost smoothie and consumed 60% of your daily caloric needs before meeting up for brunch. And that makes you, you guessed, a proper morning person.