There’s a very simple way to boost your productivity in 2017, but it’s possible that it’s so simple you’ve already discounted it as being a pointless exercise. However, it’s an action which has real worth and can make a big difference to your day; it’s waking up early.

Now, rising from the comfort of a warm bed at any time is a testing task, but how are we expected to haul ourselves out of bed earlier than ever? It doesn’t sound like an exercise which is rich in any benefits whatsoever, unless, of course, you value sleep deprivation as a valuable commodity.

This fear of a groggy and begrudging start to the day, though, couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, by waking up earlier you’re empowering yourself to get more done. And there’s no need to sign up to the world of sleep deprivation, so you can hold off on investing in those high caffeine coffee beans.

Let’s take a look at the ways you can waking up early with the minimum hassle and the benefits this can bring which will help increase your productivity.

Waking Up Early

Waking Up Early: Coffee

It may seem difficult to wake up earlier than normal, but the human body is an amazing piece of machinery and it’s internal body clock can soon be trained to accept an earlier wakeup call. Naturally, the most simple and effective way to achieve this is by adopting the “early to bed, early to rise” mantra. So, whilst you may think that amazing film is worth staying up another hour to watch, just record it and go to bed.

At the same time, you need to make sure that you get a good night’s sleep; disturbed and broken sleep is the arch enemy of those wishing to become an early bird. Therefore, make sure that no caffeine or alcohol passes your lips for at least four hours before bedtime as these can both have a negative impact on your quality of sleep.

Most importantly, though, you need to form a good relationship with your alarm clock. To ensure a natural wakeup process – you know, the type you get when you’ve got no reason to get up – you should firstly choose an alarm consisting of peaceful sounds and one which gradually increases in volume. This will make the task of waking up that little bit easier, but to maximize your chances, you should never use the snooze button as it encourages oversleeping.

Time for a Healthy Breakfast

Waking Up Early: Healthy Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it provides you with the fuel to kick start your day. However, this food needs to be a healthy mixture of carbs, protein and unsaturated fats, so tucking into last night’s pizza is not an option. And, the earlier you wake up, the more time you have to prepare a healthy breakfast such as poached eggs on toast. Correctly fueled, your body and mind will then have the energy to focus on the upcoming day.

It’s All About Preparation

Waking Up Early: Preparation

By waking up early, you’re putting yourself in pole position for achieving all of your daily goals. You see, many people resolutely refuse to get up early, you’ve probably seen them barging through the office door at 8.59am; they’re always the most disorganized people at work and they’re always behind. However, by waking up early, you can arrive at your workplace with plenty of time to start organizing your day. With the benefit of preparation on your side, you’ll find that your productivity skyrockets.

Time for Exercise

Waking Up Early: Exercise

One of the best ways for us to clear our minds is through exercise; this is all thanks to the reward provided by the rush of endorphins brought on by exercise. Therefore, this is clearly an excellent way to start your day and reduce the stress brought on by imposing thought of the day’s challenges. And by waking up earlier, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to complete an exercise session which not only keeps your body healthy, but also allows you to focus your energies on the day ahead.

Make Your Appointments

Waking Up Early: Appointments

If you’re late to appointments then this makes a bad impression whether it’s your doctor, a potential customer or even your mechanic. And the main reason that people miss appointments is due to sleeping in too late and not having enough time to prepare.

This can be disastrous for your productivity as it can potentially affect some of your most important assets e.g. health, business and transport. However, once you start waking up earlier, you’ll reap the benefits of having more time to prepare and eventually be early for appointments.

No Traffic Worries

Waking Up Early: No Traffic

One of the most crucial benefits of waking up early is the fact that it grants you an easier commute. Getting caught up in peak traffic means that you’re going to struggle to get to where you want on time; the knock on effect of this is that it puts a huge drain on your productivity.

Wake up that little bit earlier, though, and you’ll find that the roads are clear. This provides a quicker route to your destination and allows you start getting productive sooner. And, of course, it saves you the stressful ordeal of sitting in motionless traffic which slowly ratchets up your stress levels and disrupts your focus on the day’s objectives.

Embrace the Peace and Quiet

Waking Up Early: Peace and Quiet

You know what’s best about early mornings? It’s the peace and quiet that it offers. After all, you may well have a whole family living under your roof and the noise that a couple of kids can generate can severely test your attention levels.

Sure, all that early morning solitude may, at first, make you feel a little lonely, but the upswing of this is that it provides your focus with a minimum amount of disruption. This allows you to get started on planning your day with the required level of thought and attention to boost your productivity.